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What does the budget mean for Education? Education spending in NSW will be slashed by $1.7 billion with independent schools expected to share the pain with the public system. The hot topic at the moment is certainly linked with the budget and its effect on education. Unfortunately, education came out as a big loser in this years budget announcement and although a significant amount is still being invested into the future of our children, critics, parents, and our teachers believe otherwise.
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When we are around young children, we are often persuaded by them to get us to do things that they want. The young children persuade their parents to allow them to go to their friend’s house or to let them stay up past their bedtime by saying, “Oh, I will do my homework or I will be good if you let me go to my friend’s place” or “I will eat my veggies if I get another cupcake”. Yes, most certainly the young children possess the power of persuasion.
In a rapid move, the Minister of Education, Christopher Pyne, has threatened to take Gonski away from schools. This means that NSW schools face losing more than $2 billion over the next six years as a result of the Abbott government’s plans to abandon the last two years of Gonski money and change the way funding is distributed. Mr Pyne hardened his position, appearing to confirm some schools might lose funding despite an election promise to the contrary, while flagging a return to a Howard-era funding model discredited by NSW’s Coalition government.
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Local schools, Local decisions", "Gonski", and an "education reform" were buzz words that educators and parents have heard immensely before the recent Commonwealth election, however, now that there is a new Government, the future of Australian schools remains uncertain. One thing is for certain, NSW Public Schools are now part of "Local Schools, Local Decisions". So what does this mean exactly?